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Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Enhanced Security Audit skills By Experts!!

Comprehensive Penetration Testing | Elysian Communication

Elysian Communication is a Top-Notch Penetration Testing Company in India. Our expert teams provide network penetration testing services for every business. Our extremely effective Network Security Testing is a significant part of our security assurance services with pen testing solutions supporting companies with their cybersecurity problems across the global. Elysian Communication is one of India’s leading Penetration Testing Companies.

Our network and infrastructure penetration tests have been designed in association with leading structures, scoping your businesses individual elements. Modern enterprises require to be performed to continuously enhancing their digital platforms and also cybersecurity systems if you want to make success in today’s technological environment.

Service Offered

Elysian Communication offers complete penetration testing designed to identify system vulnerabilities, verify existing security models and provides a detailed remediation roadmap. Our team, provided with the most advanced tools and industry-specific test scenarios, can deliver a thorough checkup to pinpoint system vulnerabilities, at the same time flaws in an application, service and OS.

Validate Security

The effectiveness of current information security approach with existing security measures. Such as patch management, network security monitoring and preventive security defences.


Discover Security

Both risks and mitigate before it leverages by an attacker by utilising our ethical hacking testing service.

Identify Security

Vulnerabilities through manual assessment that cannot be detected using automated security systems.


Assess Security

Hygiene inline with the industry like compliance regulation requirements and alignment to formal mandates. Build trust in your security program and provable cybersecurity validation for clients, investors and auditors.

 A network penetration test, or ‘Pen Test’, is a simulated attack on your organisation’s internal or else external network. This Ethical hacking exercise evaluates your organisation’s internal structure and security perimeter to verify software patch levels, services, and configuration through the granular estimation and clarification of weaknesses that attackers could utilise.

Our penetration testers contribute a comprehensive pen test reporting that involves proof of the concept of exploitation, details on the test performed, impact and how to remediate these security flaws. It only takes a single misconfiguration or vulnerability for a cyber attacker to compromise your data and grow access to your organisation. 65% of small to medium-sized businesses go bankrupt within six months of a significant cyber-attack.