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Network Security Audit

Network Security Audit

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Network Security Audit - Elysian Communication

In this Technological Age, from start-ups to large corporations are likely to rely on business networks for their growth. So, practising safe or efficient computer networking habits is essential. There is a need for periodical network security audits to find and diagnose every internal and external security threats. Network assessment defines the productivity of a company’s IT infrastructure, which is to be evaluated by the company’s cybersecurity standards and network assets to recognize the risk of the security breach.

A security audit is the high-level description of the many ways organizations can test and assess their overall security posture, including cybersecurity. You might employ more than one type of security audit to achieve your desired results and meet your business objectives.

Thus, Elysian Communication periodically produces the top-notch Network Security Audits to all sectors and organizations. This Audit is a diplomatic alliance of testing services and comprehensive assessment for network security.

Network Security Audit Services

Engaging with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Elysian Communication Private Limited, it is essential to understand the infrastructure, vulnerabilities, strategy within the Network Security Audit. Elysian Communication Private limited NSA is a service offered to all customers, from startups to organizations.

A network security audit helps to determine the effectiveness of network security in resolving underlying network security issues. A network security audit is part of an overall information systems audit framework and includes application software audit, operation system audit, and business audit.

One time Audit

This Service includes security audits that perform on ad-hoc bases or on exceptional circumstances which need a high-security alert. Also, if any new risk is being introduced in an organization can take a one-time network security audit.


Tollgate Audit

These Security Audits are the binary outcome. It is a process of defining a new procedure being introduced into an organization’s environment. Elysian Communication determines the risk that is preventing you from move forward.

Portfolio Audit

These Audit reports are taken as annual reports, bi-annual reports as per the organization’s requirement. We, Elysian Communication, provides the best-scheduled audits to verify your security process and procedures.


Automated Audit

These Audits are generated as a computer-assisted audit process. Elysian Communication offers software or comprehensive procedure, to provide audit reports which meet both internal and external works. Also, it includes the monitoring and security thresholds alerting facilities.

An audit is an opportunity to perform a risk assessment on a company’s security policies, IT infrastructure, applications, and operating systems. Without performing an annual audit, companies leave themselves open to serious security threats that can expose sensitive information. Running security audits and consistently checking on a company’s policies and regulations are great ways to prevent future vulnerabilities and data loss.

Our Network Security Team reviews every IT infrastructure to access the productivity and performance of your organization. Also, we create a detailed report to help you understand the performance of the network system. Further, once any potential risk factor is uncovered, our support team will reports you at once, which makes you easier to locate the source of the problem. We automate every industry of your organizations and get extensive knowledge about it. Also, we provide the world-class network security reports which ensure your access on mitigating risks on the security of networks.