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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle Tracking Solution

Get an innovative solution on everything related to vehicle tracking services along with management of commercial fleet, cost management, improve productivity and also improve safe driving etc. An intellect vehicle tracking solution helps to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability. Elysian communication offers to report and alerting solution on all of the vehicle tracking. Our vehicle tracking solution allows you to enable to track, monitor and manage your vehicle efficiently and effectively.

Whether you own a vehicle or are a fleet owner, our vehicle tracking solution is identified to secure and monitor your asset from theft. In today’s fast-moving world, the possibility of life is unimaginative.

Solutions Offered

Gain Real-Time Vehicle Insights! Elysian Communication has been a leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions to its global clientele. We are committed to offering a wide range of advanced technology vehicle tracking solutions that make use of innovative technology to meet the ever-changing requirements of different industries.

GPS Vehicle Management

GPS vehicle management provides detailed reporting, which contributes to improved business operations. This solution offers an advanced reporting tool that helps to monitor your vehicles’ activity, keeping track of vehicles 24/7 wherever you go. When you know the “when,” “where” and “why” of your vehicles, you can manage a better business.

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Real-Time Alerts

Our Tailor-made vehicle tracking solution helps to make an aware of exceptions in real-time. In fact, receive alerts when speed is extinguished by a set amount, when there is no activity for a set time, and when vehicles arrive or depart specific points etc. With the help of real-time alert, you can easily track your vehicle wherever you are.

Vehicle Health

Our efficient tracking solution provides diagnostic, mileage and health report of your vehicle. In fact, the Vehicle Health Report evaluates engine performance, battery life, tire and oil pressure, brakes etc. Through health report, you can worry less about your vehicle’s well-being with real-time tracking and enjoy your time on the road.

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Geo-fencing takes the alert feature to the next level. You can make geographical boundaries known as Geofences on the map. Every time the vehicle enters or exits the Geo-fences, an alert is sent out. Using the monitoring information it helps to improved operational efficiency, workforce optimization, high security and safety levels for the user.

Before choosing a vehicle tracking provider it is recommended to do an internal audit in order to understand the current fleet situation, examine the type of activity and vehicle and outline the expectations you have from the implementation of a vehicle tracking solution.

Every life directly or indirectly yields in transport activity whether it is private or public entity, heavy or light weighted industries, manufacturing or service sector or whosever may be, is definitely touched by this activity. Due to its diverse usage, this field is affecting several loopholes. By connecting our vehicle tracking solution, we help to smoothen up this field and get it on track. Elysian communication’s vehicle tracking solution provides innovative technologies that are equipped business to track and monitor the vehicles, where they are, can locate them on the map and determine inefficiencies and variations.

The multiple features of vehicle tracking systems can benefit in different ways different companies, generally speaking, all of them help reducing running costs and increasing efficiencies. According to the different needs of a fleet and a company, the system can also be further customised.