Everything you need to know about Vehicle Tracking Solution

Vehicle Tracking - Know Everything

Know about Vehicle Tracking: If you are managing a fleet, whether it be a taxi or delivery, or logistics and distribution services, you need a vehicle tracking solution to monitor your vehicles and plan efficient routes. Vehicle tracking technology is very popular for almost the past few years. It is also known as GPS tracking. In fact, vehicle tracking is used by fleets for efficiency and cost-saving purposes. It is useful to streamline their daily operations.

A vehicle solution is a technology that helps to combine the tracking of the location of the vehicle with a software interface that displays vehicle data. Companies can use this solution as business intelligence to make informed decisions.

Major features offered by vehicle tracking technology 

These Solutions may provide various features that are based on their complexity. There are some major features offered by vehicle tracking technology such as

  • Real-time location
  • driving history
  • summary reports
  • alerts setup

The real-Time location of vehicles on a map typically integrates with map providers such as Google Maps. Driving history in the form of reports with the possibility of playing several trips performed by the vehicles. Summary reports typically underlining activity performed per single vehicle and as a fleet altogether such as journey reports, stop reports, alerts and scheduled reports, heat map showing areas where most activity takes place. Alerts set up for driving style and safety that includes speed, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, or for location and activity.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Solution

  • Fuel cost reduction
  • Vehicle health improvement
  • Driver Safety and Behaviour
  • Reduction in Paperwork

Industries That Need a Vehicle Tracking Solution 

  • Cab Aggregators
  • Package Delivery
  • Educational Institutes
  • Logistics
  • Food Delivery
  • Construction and
  • Pharmaceuticals

Customized Solutions

In the final analysis, a vehicle solution for tracking can help you to automate your business or take your driving to the next level. Not only it can help you save time and money by improving your driver behaviour, but it is also suitable for businesses that need to consistently stay in touch with drivers and make sure they are always on time and budget.

Whether you manage a fleet of school buses, delivery and pickup vehicles, or even marine vessels, we can provide a vehicle tracking solution customized to meet your specific requirements. At Elysian Communication, we can help you to identify the best system for your business.

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